In reality, your audience doesn’t have to like your main character, but they need to care enough to stay and watch the film to the end.

As writers, we all know that our audience (readers first, before the screenplay can be turned into a film) need to care for the main character. If they don’t… well, the script will be disappointing for them and, most likely, that will be a pass.

Remember that some people care…

Before you start creating content, take some time to set goals for it. Do you want more visitors, do you want more sign-ups etc.?

A Short List of Useful Marketing Tips & Hacks (part 1)

1. Your marketing’s starting points:
What are your marketing objectives?
Are you trying to launch a new product?
Are you trying to enter a new country?
Are you trying to win over customers from a competitor?

2. Sample ideas for blogging (blogs and articles which are…

Having time to develop your story is a blessing, especially when you are driven by inspiration and the urge to tell the story in the purest of its form.

As long as you can stay connected to that need, don’t overanalyse your story; it might work to your disadvantage. Let the writing flow.

However, when you become stuck or get to the point when you know that something isn’t working and have difficulties identifying where the problem is, it’s…

I still can’t decide whether I would have approached the whole project differently or not.


As some of you probably know by now, film festivals are a costly part of the filmmaking business. I have submitted Anna to over 30 festivals and didn’t get accepted to even one.
Yes, it was depressing, frustrating and hard to take at times.

Some of the festivals were unprofessional…

Writing a screenplay takes a long time and many re-writes before the waiting game begins.

Every screenwriter is hopeful that their story can be turned into a multi-million-dollar franchise. It has happened before, but this delightful miracle is as likely as winning a lottery or maybe even less; hmmm…?

However, if you are still certain and not discouraged in the slightest, the first thing you…

Marketing and promotion are an integral part of the film business, and it doesn’t matter whether you are targeting a local or global audience.


At first, I tried to keep everyone who was directly involved, or who contributed to my film, in the loop with emails, tweets and FB posts. But when life demands started crowding me, I needed to focus on my main priority. At that time it was delivering the final cut.

“With the right positive intervention, a child’s entire world can be changed as they are helped on to the path of greatness. This is what Ringside is about”.

James Twyman is a UK based Producer, Writer and Director with a passion for creativity and one cool afro.

James was kind enough to agree to give me an interview so we could talk more about his new and exiting Amazon show.

Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background?

Growing up with practically nothing, film was always…

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine a world without greed, corruption and pollution. Take another deep breath and indulge in this visualization for a few moments.

When you feel ready to move on, imagine a world where mindless consumption isn’t rewarded with likes, hearts, thumbs, or spikes in sales. Can you see that? How does it make you feel?

Mindless consumption is like indulgence in the most horrifying session of eating crisps, chocolate bars, cookies, white…

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