Setting and Executing Goals for Your Projects

Set your goals and execution plan that can help you get what you want.

M. Olchawska
3 min readJun 20, 2020


If you have a hard time setting goals, try the exercises on the list below to help you breakthrough and create your own strategy for making progress with your projects and ideas.

  1. The goal for you and your project is to break out, not to blend in. So, your outreach needs to be as purposeful and as original as possible. Having said that, your outreach should also be relevant to your project, or idea. Creating unrelated content just for the sake of doing so will be time-consuming and won’t bring in the results you hope for.

2. What is your project offering? Make a list of things, ideas etc. your project is offering.

3. What problems does your project/idea solve? Does it solve any? If it doesn’t, you can skip this one.

4. Why is your idea/project worth trying out or buying? Why your audience/ clients/customers should buy from you or watch your film or read your book?

5. Who is your target audience? Trying to set goals for yourself or your project without identifying your audience first will be hard. When you know who your audience is, you will be able to create purposeful content aimed at them.

6. Knowing your credentials is incredibly useful while pitching projects and ideas. You will be asked why you are the best person to develop the project and you should be able to articulate the “why” as confidently and professionally as you can.

7. What resistance or objections will people have to your project or idea? What can you foresee people won’t like? I know this is very hard to say ‘cos sometimes fans and audience members differ so much in their opinions that is mind-boggling. But while developing an idea, it’s worth thinking about what could cause the most resistance from the decisions makers or your potential audience. It will help you develop some strategies to bypass this resistance.

8. What is the purpose of your pitch? Why are you pitching? What are you aiming to get at the end of your pitching meeting or landing page, proposal etc?



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